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w°y.Mo ,d, 28 . 1978 The Wasiiiugfon Star A-7 j 

William F, Buckley Jr. 

- Alier Hiss aiid^ " 

The scene is dramatically established thesis. It is not How do you tell a man this exchange. For at least 
described in a recent issue true that all those who have whose innocence you set out a full half hour, I tried to 
of Politicks magazine. Allen proclaimed Hiss's inno- to establish that you have get eye contact with Alger 
Weinstein, professor of cence were sycophantic to concluded that he is a liar? Hiss, but he refused. His re- 
history at Smith College; is the man, Alger. I;F. Stone Worse, really:’. Because sponses were often directed 
answering- questions ’by is sycophantic not to dis- such duplicity as Hiss en- to some place beyond me. 
joumalistPhilip Nobile. No- Crete individuals, so much gages in isn’t designed He gave me his profile for 
bile begins by-explaining ■ as to doctrines. The rele- merely to help himself, part of the time. I thought 
that Alger; Hiss-;has; .-had vant doctrine in this- case is Hiss's lies require that his to myself. ‘My God, this has 
many probl'ems'iii’ the last.' That the U.S.lengaged in.a flock come to grisly conclu- happened once before.’ It 
30 years, but that his' main hysterical witchhunt ' after sions .about Whittaker was. from the testimony of 
problem right'how; is the- the war.’ Reasoning back- Chambers, and Mrs. Cham- all observers, exactly what 
new book by ; Weinstein . -ward, everyone tripped up bers;. and about the FBI, Alger Hiss did in his 
called “Perjury: The Hiss- . during that period was in and the prosecutor, and the Commodore Hotel confron- 
Ghambers Case»’’ Briefly fact innocent. The suste- ' courts. If Hiss were inno- tation with Whittaker 
put. the book establishes be- : nance of the myth of Hiss’s cent, America is unjust. Chambers . . . When Hiss 
yond even unreasonable innocence comes from a fi- . “I was very nervous, finally looked at me, hej 

doubt that Alger Hiss was delity to that and. cognate Hiss is an imposing figure, said, 'I’ve always known H 

guilty. I. ■ i doctrines. - ■ ■ : He has marvelous presence, you were prejudiced 

The scene inT question is So there is Hiss, and if a bit stagy. He’s gracious, agmnstme.’ 
the last of six-visits between there is the young professor After some small talk, I ‘I had only a few sec- 
Weinstein and Hiss. At the who has spent five years blurted out something like, ends, so I said what I felt at 
first -visit, six years earlier, going over not enly all the ‘When I began working on that^moment: I don t think 
the young historian was .defense files of Hiss, but this book four years ago, I you 11 believe me, but I 
eagerly resolved' to docu- over 40,000 FBI documentsCthought that I would be able want you to know how hard 
ment the- innocence of Alger released under the Free- to demonstrate your inno- this has been for me and 
Hiss, to which end he se- dom of Information Act.- cence, but unfortunately I how terrible I feel that what 
cured the cooperation of That, and tracking down have to tell you that I can- emerges now may cause 
Hiss who turned over his and interviewing, and sur- not; that my assumption various of your fi-iends 
huge defense file to Wein- : veying the correspondence was wrong.’. whom I have ptten to know 

stein ..... of, dozens and dozens of - . as individuals additional 

. One should add that Hiss, '' persons involved in how- “I meant to continue, but suffenng.’ He looked at me 
over the years, has become ever, minor a way in. the before 1 could. Hiss inter- . and said, ’^ou really be- 
habituated to sycophantic: ?great ’ " Hiss-Chambers rupted me and said quietly, neve that this is going to 
journalists and historians “'drama; talking to Commu- Tm not surprised.’ I waited make me suffer?’ I said 
who accept his innocence as i’ nists . in Bulgaria, ex- and he said nothing more ’No sir. I don t thinx it will; 
dogma, and then scoop up> Communists in -Israel, and ... My hands began trem- make you suffer, but I think 
whatever data are lying Scorning slowly, but ir- bling, and so were Hiss’s, it might maxe those who 

around and arrange them to..- revocably, to the conclusion Yet I made a point of star- care about you suffer a bit- 

confirm the previously that:Hissisaliar. ing straight at him during more.